SavePatches is the leading live interactive fundraising website, allowing users to broadcast fundraising events and raise money from viewers. It allows anyone with an Internet connection and a camera to broadcast live fundraising events and transmit to an audience of unlimited size.

This is just a small selection of ideas to help you consider what you may want to broadcast on SavePatches to raise money! So if you have something else in mind, try it out. The opportunities are endless.

SavePatches can be used to broadcast fundraising events ranging from rock concerts to record breaking attempts, from console gaming marathons to indoor gym marathons and fundraisers are finding new and innovative event ideas for it every day.

Concerts and other musical events

  • Whether it’s an individual busking with a guitar, a church choir, a local band or full-blown rock concert - a musical broadcast will entertain viewers and help you to raise money.

 Other ideas include karaoke - always guaranteed to raise a few smiles, carol singing or a battle of the bands competition. 


Sporting events

  • Put on a fundraising sporting event and broadcast it to the world, maybe have your viewers donate per goal. You could broadcast a football match, swimming competition or even a game of pool or darts, the options are endless.


Theatrical productions

  • Whether it’s a school play, a drama class or high budget theatre production, you can share your performance with more people and raise money.


Indoor marathon

  • Run an indoor marathon on a treadmill, cross trainer or rowing machine. Running outdoors is overrated anyway…


Gaming marathons

  • Why not hold a gaming marathon with users periodically checking in to watch and donate?

Events like this are popular and have helped to raise money for charity.

Successful examples include the annual Mario Marathon, a multi-day event playing through 25 years of Mario games. Now in its fourth year the event has attracted nearly 500,000 viewers and raised $125,000 for the charity Child’s Play. See for more information.


Weddings / birthday parties / celebrations

  • So called ‘wedcasts’ are a popular way for couples to stream footage of their wedding on SavePatches and receive money from viewers. This is a great option especially if your wedding is abroad or you just have too many friends and can't invite them all! Equally any other celebrations or parties can be streamed online for others to watch. Why not broadcast your birthday or any other celebration and invite people to watch and donate instead of buying gifts?



  • Broadcast your set live on SavePatches for your mates and others to check out, or host a fundraising radio show.



  • Raise awareness and money for endangered species and badly treated animals through an event broadcast on SavePatches. Or just raise money   for animal upkeep by broadcasting animals giving birth, exotic animals, mothers and children and just generally cute animals..



  • Keep an online diary of your travels and share your experience with other SavePatches users.


Charity seminars

  • Broadcast your charity seminars online for followers to view.


24 hour events

  • A test of stamina and who can drink the most coffee, who can stay up for 24 hours and raise money in the process?


Natural disasters

  • Make a difference to the people caught up in natural disasters. Show the world the devastation and effect such disasters have on people’s lives.



  • Just appearing on SavePatches and talking about your cause may be enough for viewers to donate or sponsor you.


Life cast

  • Start your own reality TV show by broadcasting bits of your everyday life.


Geology / environmentalism

  • Inform the public on the dangers of global warming and other issues, helping to increase awareness and raise money at the same time.



  • Hold an online exhibition of arts and crafts.


Charity galas

  • Broadcast your charity gala on SavePatches.


Radio / music show

  • Even if you are not a DJ by profession, you can still broadcast your favourite songs or mixes and raise money.



  • Teach people to dance, host a dance competition or perhaps just have people laugh at your dancing..

 The guys at Thon have been holding dance marathons since 1973 and have raised over $69 million! See for more information.


Army / Soldiers

  • Soldiers and servicemen can broadcast on SavePatches. Talk to a hero today!



  • Offer your consulting services to viewers and fundraise at the same time.


Online games / Quizzes / Games night

  • Hold online raffles, lotteries or games nights to fundraise.


Online auction

  • Auction off some unwanted (or wanted) items online.


Social issues

  • Raise awareness of social issues such as poverty or famine on SavePatches.


Advice / Counseling

  • Using the real-time chat function on SavePatches you could give out advice to people who want your help.


Exercise / Work out

  • Hold an exercise or work out session with your viewers and raise money at the same time.


Fashion show

  • Broadcast a fashion show on SavePatches.


Broadcast videos / films / shows

  • Why not broadcast homemade videos, films or other shows.


Comedy / Stand-up

  • Host a comedy event and perhaps get viewers to donate every time you make them laugh.


Celebs / talk to a celeb

  • If you are lucky enough to be rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous why not try and see if they will help you raise money on SavePatches by appearing in your broadcast.


Brave (but stupid) activities

  • Some people like to bathe in beans, others like to try and eat ridiculously hot chilies or even take a dip in the sea when it’s snowing. What unusual activity can you come up with?


Impressive feats

  • Nothing dangerous here please, but if you do have a skill, such as fire juggling, broadcast it to the world!


Practices / rehearsals

  • From sports practices to drama rehearsals, why not try broadcasting to raise money?


Sell clothing

  • Showcase and sell some of your unwanted items of clothing online using SavePatches.



  • Broadcast everything from choirs to sermons.


Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Use SavePatches to raise money for a charity your company is supporting and help raise your company’s profile at the same time.



  • Broadcast on a diverse range of subjects and matters.


Pod cast

  • Hold or broadcast a pod cast through SavePatches.



  • Hold a fundraising interview, the interviewees need not be famous…


Car Wash

  • Nothing new here, but why not try broadcasting your car washing fundraiser to the world, if the cause is worthy people may be interested to donate.


Male waxing

  • Men having their legs waxed, or even their chest, is a surprisingly popular way of fundraising. Women must enjoy seeing the pain that they regularly have to endure!


Head shaving / Hair cutting

  • The idea is simple and always a popular way of attracting people’s attention.



  • Hold a sponsored webathon - just appear on webcam for a set amount of time and converse, take requests from viewers and make friends.



  • Interestingly (or perhaps not) train companies have started broadcasting pay-per-view streams of their trains...


Talk show

  • Hold a fundraising talk show!


Talent Competition

  • Hold a talent competition!



  • Broadcast a wrestling event, professionals only of course!


Red carpet events

  • Broadcast various red carpet or prestigious events.



  • Hold conferences.


Portrait drawing / other art

  • Share your artistic skills with the world.


Eating Contest

  • How about broadcasting an eating contest?


Record breaking attempts

  • Broadcast to raise money and get in the Guinness book of records at the same time!